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Expect Them ALL.

Financial Knowledge

We can help you determine your buying power, and point you towards the financial solutions that are most beneficial.

Financial reserves and capacity for borrowing are the two factors in determining your buying power. Your savings, current debt and credit scores create the forecast, and the we can help you determine the very best lending options for your particular situation.

Deep Roots & Resources

The Bonnie Smith Group is deeply entrenched in the North Atlanta Real Estate market. If what you are looking for isn’t on the market, they make calls, and knock on doors to find off market options that may fit the bill. They leverage their networks to find off-market options and make things happen.

When searching for the perfect home for you, Bonnie Smith Group finds it critical to stay one step ahead of the market, especially in a low-inventory environment. This means being immersed in the market on a daily basis – being in touch with other agents, buyers and sellers as well as the general community. Once a property is identified, we recognize the need to move quickly and implement strategies to secure it for our clients. We know that you are very busy and therefore do a lot of the legwork for them, utilizing technology whenever necessary for virtual tours etc. We are known for our rapid response time and ability to move very quickly for our clients.

Wisdom & Discernment

The ability to help you with the selection process by providing objective information about each property – even when the information could potentially be a deal breaker.

Sometimes it’s love at first sight with a home, but we understand you are not just buying a home. You are buying a community…the schools, safety, access to shopping, restaurants and recreation are all factors.

Not only that, but we understand the investment quotient and need to ensure that the home is a good investment and that the purchase price will deliver resale value. Looking out for your bottom line as opposed to making the sale is a point of differentiation buyers simply can’t overlook when choosing an agent.

Negotiating Skills

Being well prepared by completing your homework is half of being a good negotiator. Some other key skills include active listening, problem solving, remaining unemotional, reducing misunderstandings and firmly advocating – while always maintaining the highest levels of integrity.

Negotiations and inspections can be complex with a multitude of factors to manage. There are several points of negotiation throughout a transaction besides price such as financing, contract terms, appraisals and inspection periods (inclusion or exclusion of repairs, appliances, and furnishings).

Laser Focus

Due diligence during the property evaluation is important and we do not take our eyes off the ball.

This is the buyer’s opportunity to fully evaluate the property from top to bottom. Common inspections include termite, mold, radiation, faulty structure and continue as you have it. Bonnie Smith Group will recommend fully vetted professionals to complete these inspections.

It's Your Move!

Whether you are buying, selling, need advice, or have questions, the Bonnie Smith Group would love to help you!